Advantage to GovernmentAdvantage to Citizens
All citizens who come under DBT schemes can be issued a wallet with Rupay card.Rupay card as per the latest RBI circular can be used at any ATM or Merchant POS terminal for cash out.Citizens across the state including those in remote villages get advantage of Government benefits directly credited to their wallet and,inter alia,save time on visiting banks.
Transparency, Trust & Data PrivacyEasy to top-up/load money to wallet
Immediately credits settlement without delaysEasy to pay to any merchant or service
Accuracy of Accounts & Availability of MISMini statement to track all transactions
Greater utilization of public servicesEasy access to all Government services
UPI,IMPS,BBPS,Rupay and Fastag are directly available to the wallet holders.The wallet would provide the latest services available from NPCIMany services integrated in wallet for the convenience of the citizens
Lower Transaction CostsWallet Accessibility in Remote Areas can be provided
Paperless TransactionsNo paper work needed to use the wallet
Ensure equitable & inclusive access to servicesNo cost of maintaining a wallet Account
Digital On-boarding & KYC AuthenticationCitizens can use wallet even without a phone