TA Pay

Reinventing Corporate Travel & Expense Management

Automate Your Busywork.

TA Pay is a fully customizable wallet solution that can designed for small, medium, and large enterprises to automate their time-consuming employee expense claims and reimbursement processes.

Replace slow, cumbersome, and inefficient spend management process with a solution that your employees love using and accelerate your digital transformation journey. Set guardrails for how much your employees can spend on each expense category. Centralize control over individual cards for full visibility in real time.

TA pay is helping customers go digital, increase operational efficiency, fast track expense reimbursements, enhance employee engagement and deliver a superior employee digital experience.

Flip the switch with TA Pay to save time & money.

All Employee Benefits in a Single Wallet Solution.

We have a rapidly growing list of Use Cases from our customers.

Meal Vouchers

Telecom Reimbursements

Health Benefits Card (Healthcare Expense Reimbursement)

Fuel Cards

Fleet Expense Management (vehicle repairs, FASTag toll payments)

Employee Rewards & Recognitions

LTA (Travel expense reimbursements)

Gig Worker Payments (Salaries & Wages)

SaaS Subscriptions (Approved applications for business)

Secure By Design

Benefits at a Glance

One Card
for all tax benefits

Wide Acceptance
Of TA cards online and offline

Instant Activation
Employees can easily activate the TA card by simply giving a missed call on that designated number

No Expiry
on meal vouchers leading zero loss for Employees and companies

100% Security
With card PIN

Happy Employees
With digital and paperless process

SMS alerts
on all transactions

Set controls
by spend categories

Monitor unauthorized transactions

Paperless Process
to claim tax benefits

Zero cost
In procurement, storage and distribution

Card Control
And real time tracking of benefits

Audit Readiness
With storage of all records for seven years

PCI-DSS certified and RBI compliant solution.

Hassle free KYC
Easy KYC process

Instant Disburse
Disburse cash to your employees anytime, anywhere.

Easy Replacement
of a lost or stolen card

Transfer Money
from wallet to bank account

Looking to Accelerate corporate Employee Reimbursement?
Flip the switch with TA Pay.

Transaction Analysts India Private Limited is authorised by reserve bank of India for issuance and operation of semi-closed prepaid payment instruments in India.

Wallet application is designed, developed, owned and maintained by us.

We carry out "KYC" process of customers as per RBI master directions.

Nodal Officers
Nodal Officer 1
Mrs. Ramashivshakar
Mobile: +91 9819683650
emil id: rama.s@taipl.in

Nodal Officer 2
Mr. Siddhartha Desu
Mobile: +91 8123910785
email id: siddhartha.d@taipl.in

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