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Enabling Financial Disruption

Are you transforming to become a Digital Bank?
Leverage our modular API stack to power your Digital Platform.

Are you a NeoBank?
Build & launch your differentiated products at scale quickly with us.

Are you launching Embedded Finance solutions?
Embed new loans & financial products into your services and offer new BNPL type payment services to the market.

Are you a Gig Economy Company?
Provide instant payment services to contractors and vendors with physical or virtual wallets.

Are you a Gaming or Esports Company?
Improve customer engagement and retention with virtual loyalty wallet cards that can be redeemed for new services or cash.

Are you a Health Care Provider?
Leverage our platform for digital patient on-boarding & eliminate payment friction during settlement & checkout process with the embedded wallet solution.

Revolutionizing Access to Finance

Our platform is built on the innovative India Stack to ensure a robust digital infrastructure that is secure, resilient, and scalable. We have architected the platform to deliver innovation & choice for customers.

Banking as a Service

Banking as a Service (BaaS) is reconfiguring the banking value chain and enabling new innovative services to be rapidly taken to the marketplace. Banks are embedding fintech products into the customer journey and fintech & non-banking companies  are embedding banking products into their services.

Accelerate Time-to-Market with our Sandbox

We have set up a dedicated sandbox environment to help you test drive your innovative solutions prior to launch in the marketplace. Test your applications fully and manage your regulatory risks in a proactive manner.

We offer a variety of support tools to accelerate your go-to-market initiatives including API documents, developer guides and release notes. You can even take our SDKs for a spin. And accelerate time-to-value for your solution


Transactions are processed on our platform every day


Transactions are processed on our platform every month


TA Citizen Wallet for benefits payments

Looking to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation?
Flip the Switch with TA API Banking Platform

Transaction Analysts India Private Limited is authorised by reserve bank of India for issuance and operation of semi-closed prepaid payment instruments in India.

Wallet application is designed, developed, owned and maintained by us.

We carry out "KYC" process of customers as per RBI master directions.

Nodal Officers
Nodal Officer 1
Mrs. Ramashivshakar
Mobile: +91 9819683650
emil id: rama.s@taipl.in

Nodal Officer 2
Mr. Siddhartha Desu
Mobile: +91 8123910785
email id: siddhartha.d@taipl.in

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