About T Wallet

The T Wallet launched in June 2017 in partnership with Indian State of Telangana is a bold “Digital India” cashless society initiative which provides instant disbursements of government benefits, and enables consumers and merchants to make or receive payments without the need for cash, expensive POS or traditional bank and merchant acquiring accounts that are costly to maintain. The projected number of T Wallet users will exceed 10 million by year’s end and expected to grow exponentially. It provides millions of people across the world with access to the formal financial system and helps in reducing fraud and crime in an otherwise cash based society. Thus, the program pays for itself through increased efficiency, reduced cash handling and fraud, as well as eliminating bankcard ‘chargeback’ risk.


  • Electricity bill payment services for AP and Telangana are available under TA and T wallets holders.
  • T wallet holders can pay for electricity and water bill payments at zero cost.
  • We are in the process of integrating with other utility services for TA and T wallet.

For More Information, Please Visit the T Wallet website