Inactive wallet process

a) Dear T Wallet holder, Request you to visit nearest Mee seva center and do e-KYC and make your wallet full KYC. (For Telangana T- wallet holders) and start using your wallet.

b) For TA and TAG wallet holders
Please visit our office at the address mentioned and bring your POA and POI documents. if you are unable to visit our Office in person, you can send us any one of the following scanned document duly attested by you to our mail id for the purpose of POI and POA where your account will continue as Low KYC and activated and you will be allowed to utilize the available balance :
i) Passport
ii) Voter ID card issued by Election Commission of India
iii) Driving License
iv) NREGA duly Signed by State Government Officials

Email Us:

T Wallet :
TA Wallet :
TAG ITI Wallet :

Note: The Name appearing in the document submitted above must match with the Name you have given for wallet opening.