As a Paying Operator, TA (Transaction Analysts) and Effective TA (Transaction Analysts) and the objective value of this policy reduce customer complaints instances through proper review mechanisms and service delivery and ensure prompt redirection of various customer complaints.
We understand the importance of Transaction Analysts (TA) Customer Service that should be prompt and complete in all respects. We have taken a number of steps to allow our customers to reach us in many ways to achieve this, and we ensure that all consumer grievances are recorded and customers will be given a reference number for future compliance. The company’s internal process monitors the closure after the client confirms the client request the correct response and address. Internal increase mechanism exists to automatically pass to the next level based on the time and time it takes to solve the problem. Below we make sure we are part of our internal process.

  1. Consumers should be treated correctly at all times.
  2. If not fully satisfied with the response to their complaints, the means are fully informed to customers that their complaints / grievances are within the organization and their rights for an alternative solution.
  3. Complaints made by the customer will be dealt with immediately and sympathetically.
  4. We take all complaints effectively and fairly, and customer interest is presented without good faith and prejudice.
  5. We understand the frustration of our customers when something goes wrong. We help you provide all relevant information, including problem solving and the solution you want. In turn, we do our best to address your problem quickly, professionally, efficiently and fairly, and to inform you about the progress.

How to reach us and file complaints

Any customer’s questions can be contacted by the Call Centre / Customer Service Distribution Department (CSD) for our customers and any complaints can be filed.
Customers have the right to record his / her complaint if he / she is not satisfied with one of the following:

  • Any services provided by TA.
  • System Errors – Making Delay in Service
  • Unhappy with customer service quality when dealing with staff / CSD
  • Or any other complaints Customers can file a complaint on the following three lines:
  • A customer can contact our support team: => 18004258177 / 8762037106 , 24×7 and register their complaints
  • By writing an email – itiwallet_bgp@itiltd.co.in
  • By visiting the company’s website: – =>
    http://www.itiltd-india.com/tag-iti and your complaint.


 Acknowledgment of complaint

  1. Mechanisms (GRMs) for problems with TA’s grievances are difficult, with problems noticed by consumers, by having account details. Each complaint is made and identified by a unique complaint quote number.
  2. Any complaints received through any of the above channels will immediately address your feedback / complaints to your dedicated customer complaint service desk.
  3. If you receive a complaint by email or our website, such complaints will be accepted as possible by the response from the immediate system or by personal email.
  4. The action taken for such complaints is advised by customers through e-mail. Customer Service Representative (CSR) also tries to contact Customers if additional information is needed for effective resolution SLA defined by CSR Advise and inform customers of the information.
  5. Moreover, customers can track the status of complaints based on the unique complaint quote number from any location. Standardized rules and regulations with the Unified Service Level Agreement (SLA) are formed and apply to all disputes formed.
  6. If the solution does not resolve a particular time (SLA) or is not satisfied with the conclusion he / she has provided, they may refer to the matrix rising below and increase the issue to higher power.


Analysis SLA
The status for IMPS is unknown 7 business days
Successful transactions but not beneficiaries The beneficiary will not receive 7 business days
Mobile Recharge Transaction and DTH Payments 3 business days
Bill Payment Issues 3 business days
Wallet related issues 2 business days
C3 (CUG) related issues 2 business days
Aadhaar related issues 2 business days


Consumer Grievance Escalation Matrix:

Transaction Analysts, we prefer each customer feedback (compliments and complaints) and we look for ways to provide customers with satisfaction. We respect the response by providing regular insights to improve our business, products and service and overall customer experience. Therefore, we encourage our customers to provide feedback and they can record their drawbacks / write their feedback in writing or orally. Customers can contact TA to file a complaint with any service touches pointed out here and we will give high resolution priority to the extreme cases.

We have developed the Escalation Matrix to handle. If customers are not receiving a response within the specified time frame or are unhappy with the customer’s receipt at the first level, customers may exacerbate complaints to the next level as indicated below. Maximum resolution is given priority for upgrading cases.

Level 2: 

Customers can email the following address or address: –


Customer – Consumer Relations and Quality Assurance

Transaction Analysts (India) Private Limited

# 4, Satyam Arcade 1st Floor, 1st Floor

BTM Layout, 2nd Step

Bangalore – 560076, India.

Email: somkumar.s@transactionanalysts.com


Level 3: 

If customers are still not satisfied with the resolution, or if customers do not hear from us within the stated time frame, then he / she may further increase this issue after following the above mentioned steps:

Raman Babu P.


Transaction Analysts (India) Private Limited

# 4, Satyam Arcade 1st Floor, 1st Floor

BTM Layout, 2nd Step

Bangalore – 560076, India.

Email: raman.p@transactionanalysts.com

After receiving the complaint, we will acknowledge in 2 business days. Further feedback will be sent in the receipt post within 7 days for the escalating content.