Fraud Awareness

Dated: February 6, 2021

Social Engineering Fraud Using Mobile Numbers Similar to T Wallet Toll-Free Number

Reliable inputs have been received on a new modus operandi of social engineering frauds using mobile numbers resembling a T Wallet toll-free number and registering these mobile numbers in the name of that T Wallet on caller identification mobile apps such as Truecaller. The modus operandi is given below.
2. Suppose that a T Wallet toll free number is 1800 123 1234 (e.g.). The fraudster obtains a number, say 800 123 1234, resembling the T Wallet toll-free number and registers successfully on the Truecaller app (or any caller identification application) as the toll- free number of that T Wallet. An unsuspecting customer (victim) looking to contact the T Wallet, contacts the fraudster’s number registered on the Truecaller application (800 123 1234) instead of the genuine toll-free number of the T Wallet (1800 123 1234). The person (fraudster) attending this call then lures the victim into providing sensitive details such as debit/ credit card credentials, username, OTP, etc. to access the victim’s account and carry out fraudulent transactions.

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