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Vision Statement

Accelerate Digital Transformation & Financial Inclusion  with Innovative Payment Platforms Products & Solutions

Mission Statement

To improve Quality of life of every citizen by providing easy to use simple, secure and cost effective Digital Payment Products and Solutions

Our Core Values

  • We respect everybody. We are transparent, reliable and trustworthy in whatever we do.
  • We perform with integrity, ethics and passion.
  • We accept personal responsibility for everything that we do and we lead by example.
  • We empower our associates to create value through Teamwork.
  • We strive to deliver a delightful client experience.
  • We comply with law in all aspects.
  • We promote “less cash” societies by providing easy to use Digital transactions.

Our Journey

Steady growth and expansion to deliver value

Looking to Deliver Frictionless Payments?
Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with TA Solutions

Transaction Analysts India Private Limited is authorised by reserve bank of India for issuance and operation of semi-closed prepaid payment instruments in India.

Wallet application is designed, developed, owned and maintained by us.

We carry out "KYC" process of customers as per RBI master directions.

Nodal Officers
Nodal Officer 1
Mrs. Ramashivshakar
Mobile: +91 9819683650
emil id: rama.s@taipl.in

Nodal Officer 2
Mr. Siddhartha Desu
Mobile: +91 8123910785
email id: siddhartha.d@taipl.in

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