Board Members

Srinivasa Rao Katuri
Founder & Managing Director

Mrutyunjay Mahapatra
Non Executive Director

Madhavi Yarlagadda
Joint Managing Director

Veera Venkata Rama Rao Remella
Non Executive Director

S M Narasimha Swamy
Non Executive Director

Looking to Deliver Frictionless Payments?
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Transaction Analysts India Private Limited is authorised by reserve bank of India for issuance and operation of semi-closed prepaid payment instruments in India.

Wallet application is designed, developed, owned and maintained by us.

We carry out "KYC" process of customers as per RBI master directions.

Nodal Officers
Nodal Officer 1
Mrs. Ramashivshakar
Mobile: +91 9819683650
emil id:

Nodal Officer 2
Mr. Siddhartha Desu
Mobile: +91 8123910785
email id:

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