A Fintech Company promoting Cashless Payments

Transaction Analysts (India) Pvt. Ltd (TA) is a Digital Payment Solutions Company floated in 2010 by technocrats having wide national and international exposure in the Payment Systems domain.
TA is aligned with RBI’s current vision to “To proactively encourage electronic payment systems for ushering in a less-cash society in India”. TA’s Digital Payment Solution enables cashless payment service to any one irrespective if they have a smart phone, feature phone or no phone.

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Accelerate Digital Transformation & Financial Inclusion with Innovative Payment Platforms Products & Solutions.


To improve Quality of life of every citizen by providing easy to use simple,secure and cost effective Digital Payment Products and Solutions.

TA has solution for Financial Inclusion built on the India Stack (Aadhaar Biometric Identification).

The TA Digital Payment System empowers the financially underserved with access to ultra-low cost payment transactions, particularly in the rural areas that lack financial infrastructure. TA Digital Payment System is fully integrated into the ‘India Stack’ enabling Aadhaar biometric authentication to secure real-time payments for users with smart phones, feature phones or no phones at all! The technology challenged users can rely on a local network of ‘TA Digital Partners’ who act as human ATMs in a ‘Do-it-for-Me’ (DIFM) model similar to a business correspondent model (BC).These individuals are trusted local entrepreneurs act as DIFM agents and make incremental income by providing cashless value-added services. This solution can be replicated anywhere in the world for masses.

The TA Digital Payment Solution for financial inclusion is a ‘Public/Private’ initiative in partnership with Government agencies and the public sector to create a cashless payments ecosystem. For the first-time ever a FinTech company has developed an interoperable financial inclusion solution for the world’s financially underserved. A ground infrastructure comprising of Govt citizen service centres, public distribution centres and local entrepreneurs who act as digital partners provide the backbone of this cashless service.



    • Certification Agency for NPCI < S/TVS for Indian Banks
    • Visa & MasterCard Certification &PCI DSS & IS Audit Services
    • Switch Transaction Processing Auditing Services.
    • White label ATM end to end Certification
    • Consultancy on Risk Management and Fraud Control
    • RBI Compliance Audit of Delivery Channels.
  • Aadhaar AEPS, IMPS Certification




Mobile Wallet based Payment System integrated with Aadhaar



Account Opening using Aadhaar and Selfie Account Opening.


When anyone Inquire as to whom we use to process payments, I tell them to look no further than Transaction Analysts. They are secure, reliable, helpful and personal. I always feel like they are an extension of my own team, and that they value me as their most important customer.
Srikanth, Entrepreneur