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Reserve Bank of India grants in-principle
authorization to Transaction Analysts (I) Pvt Ltd (TA)
for Payment Aggregator (PA) licence

Already licensed for Prepaid Payment Operations by RBI during 2014, TA has now received in-principle approval from the Reserve Bank of India for a Payment Aggregator (PA) licence in December 2022. Today TA is one among the very few Payment Aggregators in India who can provide payment services to merchants and e-commerce sites by accepting payment instruments from end customers/consumers.

Who we are

TA is a ‘Digital Payments’ company having wide national and international exposure in the Payment Systems domain. Transaction Analysts is aligned with RBI’s vision to “Provide every user with Safe, Secure, Fast, Convenient, Accessible, and Affordable e-payment options and E-Payments for Everyone, Everywhere, Everytime .

What we do

Transaction Analysts’ s Digital Payment Solution enables cashless payment service to any one irrespective of whether they have a smart phone, feature phone or no phone and active Bank Account. TA has built many innovative products and operates on its own products which ensures that it can rapidly adopt new technologies and integrate with various Government and Private services quickly, so essential in scaling up its operations.

Our Offerings


TA Pay

TA Pay is a fully customizable wallet solution designed for small, medium, and large enterprises to automate their time-consuming employee expense claims and reimbursement processes…


TA API Banking Platform

TA API Banking Platform is built on the innovative India Stack to ensure a robust digital infrastructure that is secure, resilient, and scalable…


TA Citizen Wallet

TA Citizen Wallet is a secure cloud-based platform designed to help state agencies modernize the way they deliver direct benefits to their citizens…


  • First Company in India to launch Aadhaar linked wallet
  • Launched First State Co-branded Digital Wallet
  • Launched First PSU Co-branded State Wallet
  • First Company in India to provide smart card linked to regular Banking System
  • BAI (USA) Finalist in Global Innovative Awards In Payments

Some facts

Transaction Volumes Processed On Our Platform










The absence of real-time money transfers in rural areas due to the inaccessibility of banking services creates friction. There are more than 150M Migrant labourers in India who need quick money transfer services at their convenience.


TA with its Digital Partner network spread across Cities, Towns and Villages provides the point of presence at easy to reach locations with extended hours of services to such migrant labourers saving them valuable time and money.

Convenient access to Aadhaar Services is generally not available, resulting in under utilization of the service in India. More than 1 Billion Aadhaar cards are issued.


TA with its Aadhaar linked Digital Payment Solution available at any location in the Country including rural areas is working hard to bridge this gap.

Accessibility to electronic bill payment is not available to a large segment of the population. There are more than 900M people above the age of 15 coming into digital payments.


TA with its Digital Payment Solution integrated with multiple Government Services and Utility Bill Payment services and its footprint across rural India is solving this issue in partnership with State Governments.


Special Award from NPCI on Aadhaar Enabled Payments and Digital Wallet” on 08-March-2017

A MD & CEO Mr Srinivasa Katuri addressing ThinkNext 2016 gathering on 7th December 2016)

TA Team with Microsoft India Chairman, Mr Bhaskar Pramanik at ThinkNext 2016 on 7th December 2016)

Our Clients

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Transaction Analysts India Private Limited is authorised by reserve bank of India for issuance and operation of semi-closed prepaid payment instruments in India.

Wallet application is designed, developed, owned and maintained by us.

We carry out "KYC" process of customers as per RBI master directions.

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