We are happy to inform you that Non-KYC limits of the wallet is raised to Rs. 20,000/- from Rs. 10,000/-.    As per UIDAI notification dated 21.03.17, all AUA/sub AUA/KUA from 21.03.17 onwards cannot offer mobile update service. We can offer the same mobile update service through our UCL.

Dr. J. Alexander

Former Chief Secretary, Chairman.

Srinivasa Katuri
MD & CEO and Founder

Has close to two decades of USA experience in building and running the large payment networks.

S Mohan
Director PPI services

Comes with 25 years of Indian banking experience in a public sector bank and specialized in product reconciliation.

Raman Babu
Director of Digital Products

Has over two decades of experience in the Middle East in providing enterprise level solutions to Banking and Financial Companies.

A. Lyle Elias
International Business Development Partner

Has over 20 years experience in the payments industry with expertise in manufacturing, data processing, compliance and software development. PAYe Network CEO and ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) Co-founder.